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Early in 2016 Take A Bow asked if they could perform Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. There were only a couple of problems! Firstly we didnt have a big enough cast for children, oompa loompas, parents etc – so they invited The Upstagers to join them. Secondly we needed a venue and as we were already rehearsing at the Garrick with some of our members we brought them on board, as well as the Coton Centre, Tamworth for a prelim rehearsal space. Thirdly we had to get permission from the Roald Dahl Estate to create our own adaption of the story and, fourthly additional permission from Warner Brothers because the official show was already showing on the West End

Almost  a year later the curtains opened on a show that included script and music written by the members of the cast. Much hard work went into making set and costumes and it turned out to be one of our bigger shows and successes.

WELL DONE!!!  It was a brilliant evening and I thought everyone acted their socks off – Sarah Elsom, Deputy Lieutenant

What an achievement. I join many others to tell you you have much to be proud of – Barbara Hyde, Deputy Lieutenant

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